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Stranded 2

2007-08-06 20:54:23 by luka

So, as of now, Stranded 2 became a top priority game in production. And as of now, it's looking like the best friggin game ever. It looks like it, yes, but what about gameplay? We'll still see about singleplayer but right now we're trying to make the best online hardcore multiplayer experience to date. It looks and works really well so far but it keeps getting better. Check out the trailer if you still haven't seen it yet. The material in the trailer is pretty early so don't even think about ... thinking this is final.

<3 Luis.


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2007-08-15 22:09:33

I gotta say, Stranded 2 is looking a lot better than the first one. I'm just hoping that that machine gun isn't gonna be your only weapon. I am looking forward to playing it.


2007-08-30 17:38:31

I've played Stranded, the weapons were great, YEAHHHHH!!!! Aliens you're owned. i hope to see the sequal, voice actors are good as well. i hope they'll still be in the sequal, i like them!

Good luck to you from me Weapon2


2007-09-12 13:20:33

Slava! Pozdrav svim Hrvatima na Newgroundsu!